Veronica Castro
Houston, TX

Veronica Castro, of Houston, TX, already owned her own business before joining Kynect. But, after 20 years of responsibility and stress, she became completely paralyzed on her right side. She was confined to a bed for over six months and her business began to suffer. A year later, she had a heart attack.

Suddenly, she was 40 years old, sick, had 6 kids to support—and she was not longer where she needed to be financially. Fortunately, when Victoria began looking for new options, she came across the Kynect Opportunity. "I was amazed by how much money you could earn with such a small investment," she said.

Her sponsors convinced her to sign up and everything changed. "After just a few months, I finally had free time for my family and for myself. Best of all, my financial situation is totally different! Today, 18 months into my Kynect journey, I can honestly say that Kynect has changed my life. Thank you Kynect!"

Me encantara  contar con su grata presencia a la cena de promocion de Directora Ejecutiva con KYNECT,  Como agradecimiento a toda su dedicación, esfuerzo y apoyo para alcanzar dicho rango.
Mil gracias amigos!
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